8 Marketing Secrets of Luxury Car Brands

Posted by David Kindervater on Feb 14, 2019

The luxury vehicle market is growing rapidly. A recent study predicts that sales of luxury car brands will grow at an annual rate of 35% from 2019-2023. That means luxury car marketers are in a good place to sell a lot of cars, but they need to keep up with the demands of their customers to beat the competition.

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The Handwritten Note and 7 Other Customer Appreciation Ideas

Posted by David Kindervater on Feb 5, 2019

Building brand loyalty is a great long-term strategy for the success of your business. What's the best way to achieve it? By taking the time to stop and thank your customers for their support. A recent study revealed that a simple thank you can go a long way towards showing your customers how much they mean to you.

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9 Marketing Secrets of Luxury Watch Brands

Posted by David Kindervater on Jan 29, 2019

Traditional luxury watches are a hot item these days, even with the popularity and affordability of digital smartwatches. In fact, luxury watch brands are not only surviving in the modern age, they're thriving.

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How to Build Rapport with Your Customers

Posted by David Kindervater on Jan 9, 2019

As a sales or marketing executive, your ability to relate to your customers in a way that creates a strong sense of understanding and trust is vital to your longevity. You can learn how to build rapport with them so they not only buy the products or services you're selling, they also buy into the reasons your business exists. In other words, they support your mission.

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Communication in the Workplace: 18 Things You Should Always Say and Do

Posted by David Kindervater on Dec 11, 2018

Communication in the workplace is sometimes complicated. No matter how many employees you interact with on a daily basis, you'll almost always find an assortment of unique personalities and backgrounds.

What's the right thing to say? What's the right thing to do?

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7 Ways to Use Customer Service as a Marketing Tool

Posted by David Kindervater on Dec 6, 2018

Technology has made it easier than ever for businesses to process sales. Consumers are able to connect with brands via a variety of touch points like telephone, email, direct mail, social media, and website chat. But are those brands using each method to optimize their customer service experience?

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Topics: Customer Experience, customer service as a marketing tool, Customer Loyalty

Benefits of Handwriting vs. Typing: Here's How to Combine the Two

Posted by David Kindervater on Oct 31, 2018

Who writes by hand anymore? Business owners, smart marketing managers, and customer service connoisseurs who want to create a personal connection with their customers.

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Business Handwriting: Why a Handwritten Note Makes a Difference

Posted by David Kindervater on Oct 4, 2018

You know the feeling you get when you receive a hand-addressed envelope in the mail? It's likely the first thing you'll open because it stands out amidst the stack of ordinary mail you get on a daily basis. The envelope is more personal and more interesting. The fact that someone put pen to paper for you captures your attention.

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Business Etiquette Basics: Tips to Follow and Quotes to Use

Posted by David Kindervater on Jul 19, 2018

When it comes to business etiquette, it may seem like there are a lot of dos and don'ts to be aware of. And there are. But by following a select number of basic tips, you'll be sure to conduct yourself appropriately with a high level of professionalism when you're in the workplace.

Here are some business etiquette tips to follow and quotes to use to help you successfully navigate the terrain.

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High-End Marketing Materials and the Luxury Buyer Profile

Posted by David Kindervater on Jul 17, 2018

By the end of this decade, there will be about 400-million luxury consumers worldwide. When you're marketing to them, you'll need to understand who they are and what they're looking for in a luxury shopping experience. Then you can create personalized, high-end marketing materials that are sure to drive engagement, and ultimately, produce satisfied customers.

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