8 Ways to Gain Customer Trust and Loyalty

Posted by David Kindervater on Aug 20, 2019

As a business owner or marketing manager, you're always trying to find ways to attract new customers. But you're also concerned about keeping the customers you have. After all, studies show that it's 5x to 25x harder to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one.

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Topics: Customer Loyalty, Customer Experience, customer satisfaction

The Ultimate Guide for In-Store Marketing

Posted by David Kindervater on Jul 23, 2019

You spend a lot of time designing a marketing plan to get customers into your retail location. But how much effort have you put into a marketing strategy once they're actually in your store? Let's look at the various methods you can use to appeal to your visitors with this ultimate guide for in-store marketing.

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Topics: Customer Loyalty, Customer Experience, retention marketing, customer retention

What is Customer Engagement Strategy?

Posted by David Kindervater on Jul 3, 2019

As a modern-day marketer, you're always searching for new ways to engage your customers. You don't just want them to buy your products or services, you want their continued loyalty, too. You want a customer for life. Luckily, there are strategic ways to accomplish this. One thing you can do is develop a customer engagement strategy.

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Topics: customer retention, customer satisfaction, customer relationship management

How to Send Greeting Cards Fast: A Quick-Start Guide

Posted by David Kindervater on Jun 25, 2019

When you need to make an impact with your customers, few things work as well as a handwritten business note. You can show gratitude or say thank you—or you can include a handwritten message as part of an automated mailing. Digital handwriting provides a unique way of speaking to your customers.

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Topics: Handwritten Business Thank You Notes, Handwritten Business Notes, business handwriting

Custom Fonts vs. Digital Handwriting: What's the Difference?

Posted by David Kindervater on Jun 6, 2019

We can thank German inventor Johannes Gutenberg for custom fonts and digital handwriting. His movable-type printing press, invented around 1439, revolutionized print technology and ushered in a new method of written communications, including the mass production of manuscripts at affordable rates.

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Topics: Handwritten Business Notes, business handwriting, custom fonts

How to Get More Nonprofit Donors

Posted by David Kindervater on May 16, 2019

Nonprofit fundraising is enjoying six consecutive years of growth. In the past year alone, it's increased by more than 4%. Those are encouraging figures, but you need to have the right strategy to succeed. By considering your options and understanding the best methods for making an impact on your organization, you can find new donors, keep your current ones, and raise more money than ever.

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Topics: nonprofit marketing, nonprofit donors

How to Rock Customer Relationship Management

Posted by David Kindervater on May 2, 2019

Customer relationship management (aka CRM) is a way of managing your brand's communications with your current and prospective customers. The technology allows you to store their contact information, find sales opportunities, record service issues, and manage marketing campaigns all in one place. That way, every interaction you have with a customer is available for authorized users at your company to see.

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Topics: Customer Experience, customer retention, customer satisfaction, CRM, customer relationship management

Retention Marketing: 10 Ideas to Keep Your Current Customers

Posted by David Kindervater on Apr 18, 2019

Did you know it costs five to 25 times more money to recruit new customers than it does to keep your current ones? That's just the beginning when it comes to impressive retention marketing statistics. When you increase your customer retention rates by just 5%, you can boost your profits between 25% and 95%. Now that's a powerful incentive to focus on your retention marketing strategy. Some might even say that customer retention is the new marketing.

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Topics: retention marketing, customer retention, customer satisfaction

Proven Methods for Accelerating Customer Satisfaction

Posted by David Kindervater on Apr 11, 2019

Almost 75% of people will switch brands if it's too difficult to do business with them. That's a big reason why U.S. companies lose over $60 million each year.

Now more than ever it's important to keep your customers satisfied.

Customer satisfaction (aka CSAT) is a marketing term that measures how a brand's products or services meet or exceed their customer's expectations. If you don't satisfy your customer's needs, your business won't survive.

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Topics: Customer Loyalty, Customer Experience, customer satisfaction

8 Marketing Secrets of Luxury Clothing Brands

Posted by David Kindervater on Feb 28, 2019

The luxury fashion and accessories industry has grown by 42% since 2017. Among the top 100 companies in the world, luxury apparel brands rank ahead of technology, automotive, finance, and consumer goods businesses. Haute clothing brands are flourishing. What are they doing to get more people to buy their expensive attire? Let's find out.

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