How to Improve Customer Experience in Retail Stores

Posted by David Kindervater on Feb 18, 2020

When modern-day marketers are searching for ways to improve their customer experience, they're usually focused on their website or service team's phone lines. That's where CX typically begins. But what do you do with a retail store? How can you improve the customer experience so your visitors browse more, buy more, and return again in the future to repeat the process? Let's find out.

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Topics: Customer Experience, thanking your customers

Customer Appreciation Programs: 10 Proven Methods for Boosting Results

Posted by David Kindervater on Oct 31, 2019

Customer appreciation programs come in many forms. From referrals and rewards to surprise gifts and social media recognition, these incentive-laden plans lead to satisfied customers who will support your business for the long haul.

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Topics: Customer Loyalty, Customer Experience, retention marketing, customer service as a marketing tool, customer retention, thanking your customers

Nonprofit Marketing: How to Write a Thank You Card for a Donation

Posted by David Kindervater on Sep 19, 2019

Finding new donors is one of the primary objectives for your nonprofit organization. But keeping the donors you already have is just as important.

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Topics: Handwritten Business Thank You Notes, customer retention, thanking your customers

The Essential Guide to Thanking Your Customers

Posted by David Kindervater on Sep 17, 2019

Consumers that form an emotional connection to a brand have a lifetime value that's over 300% higher than those that don't develop that attachment. As a result, they stay with that brand for an average of almost two additional years and recommend the brand to their friends and family at a 30% higher rate.

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Topics: customer retention, thanking your customers