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7 Most Common Business Thank You Note Mistakes

Posted by Alayna Frankenberry on Jun 26, 2017

Did you know that gratitude is good for your health? In fact, studies have linked gratitude to improved physical health, stronger social relationships, more positive emotional states, higher self-esteem, and even better sleep. For business owners and brand managers, the benefits of gratitude don’t stop there. Nearly 70% of businesses have lost a customer because they felt the company was indifferent to them. The simple act of expressing thankfulness to customers can make a big difference for retention—and for profits. But to nurture leads, retain customers, and earn referrals many brands make major thank you note mistakes. Here are seven to avoid:

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5 Lead Nurturing Strategies to Try Today

Posted by Alayna Frankenberry on May 2, 2017

Did you know that  57% of B2B organizations identify 'converting qualified leads into paying customers' as a top priority? We’re surprised the number isn’t bigger. Neglected leads may be one of your company’s largest untapped resources. After all, these individuals have already identified themselves as being interested in your industry and the products or services you offer. These contacts have already engaged with your brand. They may just need a little nurturing to convert. Want to establish a lead nurturing strategy that delivers real results? You’ve come to the right place.

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10 Ways to Improve Customer Retention

Posted by Alayna Frankenberry on Mar 30, 2017

 “Every company’s greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company.”       – Michael LeBoeuf

Acquiring a new customer can cost up to 25 times more than retaining an existing one. Increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can boost profits by up to 95%. Considering these statistics, it’s no wonder that the most successful companies make building customer loyalty a top priority.

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What is Digital Handwriting?

Posted by Alayna Frankenberry on Feb 28, 2017

Humans have been writing for over 5,000 years. From cuneiform and hieroglyphics to medieval manuscripts, our race has a long and storied love affair with the written word. But it wasn’t until 1440 AD that Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, and in turn, the first font. We’ve come a long way since the Renaissance, but written communication isn’t done evolving. In fact, one revolutionary form of writing is changing the way millions connect—digital handwriting. But what is digital handwriting and why is it unique?

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How Luxury Brands Build Brand Loyalty

Posted by Alayna Frankenberry on Jan 30, 2017

The most successful luxury brands got that way by strengthening relationships at every point of the buyer’s journey. Once they've captured the interest of the affluent consumer, their creative marketing strategies focus on building brand loyalty—and it's easy to see why. Although affluent consumers make up only 20% of U.S. households, they account for 40% of all consumer spending.

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International Business Etiquette: 30 Things You Probably Don’t Know

Posted by Alayna Frankenberry on Dec 8, 2016

International business etiquette can be challenging. It changes shape, shifting as you cross borders, taking new forms as you travel across time zones. How you take your tea, how you wear your suit — they send different signals in Osaka than they do in Chennai. So when it comes to making a great impression, your good intentions will only take you so far.

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15 Professional Etiquette Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

Posted by Alayna Frankenberry on Nov 22, 2016

Learning professional etiquette is a bit like living in a foreign country. You can understand some aspects of professional decorum inherently, some you learn from mentors or guides, and some you discover after making mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are small — you use the wrong word when ordering lunch in Bilbao, or forget to refill the coffee pot in the break room. You’re gently corrected. Next time, you get it right.

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Is the Art of Business Etiquette Dead?

Posted by Alayna Frankenberry on Nov 9, 2016

Has an email ever rubbed you the wrong way? Have you ever listened to your conference line’s tinny muzak for over 10 minutes waiting for your forever-tardy team to buzz in? Why does this keep happening, you ask? Is business etiquette a thing of the past?

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Earn Your Business a Spot on the Mantle: How to Create Holiday Cards Clients and Customers Will Love

Posted by Alayna Frankenberry on Sep 30, 2016

The holiday season is almost upon us and for many businesses that means it's time to start sending holiday cards to your clients and loyal customers. The benefits of sending cards for Christmas, Hanukkah, The New Year and other holidays reach far beyond your customers' mailboxes. Something as simple as a holiday message to customers and clients can help strengthen your brand image, increase sales and subscriptions, and build the kind of loyalty that creates customers for life. But to achieve these goals, you'll need to break out of the corporate Christmas card box to create mailings that engage and delight customers. 

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