Going ‘Old School’ With Handwritten Business Thank You Notes

Posted by Rory J. Thompson on Jul 13, 2016

Do you remember “instant pictures”, where a snapshot would come right out of a camera after you took a photo? How about vinyl record albums, that arrived in a 12” cardboard sleeve with some memorable art on the front?  Remember when you would actually receive a handwritten business thank you note, following a transaction? To the delight of many, they’re all making a return.  

Way back when, the brand name Polaroid was all about a camera synonymous with instant pictures. All you had to do was aim and shoot, and then receive a finished photo right out of the camera itself. While digital cameras seemed to spell doom for that technology, both Polaroid and Fuji now have “instant picture” cameras again, and they’re selling quite well.


The same can be said about record albums. Music used to arrive on 12” circular vinyl discs, and could only be heard when used with a record player. That technology seemingly died off with the advent of CDs, MP3s, iPods and digital music, but now there is a resurgence of vinyl among old-school fanatics and a new generation of listeners who appreciate the unique sound and technology.


So what does all that have to do with handwritten business notes? Just this:

  • A personal ‘Thank You’ can have a significant impact on your business. “We’re living in ‘The Thank You Economy’”, said Gary Vaynerchuk, author of the book of the same name. “Only companies that can figure out how to mind their manners in a very old-fashioned way – and do it authentically – are going to have a prayer of competing.”
  • Brand loyalty in the U.S. is 22%. This means that 78% of consumers are not loyal to any particular brand.
  • Research shows businesses that communicate personally with their customers after a transaction is completed have a more positive effect on customer loyalty and the relationship in general.

To help foster that feeling of good will and brand loyalty, Simply Written – a business-to-business e-commerce website -- is now offering ‘digital handwriting’, which is real handwriting that mimics natural human handwriting via patented software technology. Using Simply Written as a business follow up in your corporate communications cuts both time and expense, while allowing you to reach out to more customers, more efficiently and still maintaining that “human touch.”

Once set up to your specific parameters, the method of sending a personal handwritten business thank you note via Simply Written is, well, simple. Your message can be tailored to recall a specific transaction, purchase or other interaction to reinforce your contact with the client. Your personal note (including your sign-off) is then printed, addressed and stamped (and not with that tell-tale “Bulk Rate” notation, either) all electronically. The end result is a communication that looks exactly like something you hand-wrote.


The value of such a piece of mail is priceless. Upon opening it, the client receives the immediate feeling that their business matters; you get to establish another touch-point with a customer, further cementing your relationship. In addition, you can add an offer to your message, prompting the client to return for another visit. Think about the number of customers you deal with annually, and how much of an impact something as simple as a handwritten business thank you note, as part of your corporate communications outreach effort, could have. Hotel marketing, restaurant franchise marketing, retail sales-- no matter what industry you work in, this small gesture can make a big difference!

In an increasingly competitive and raucous world, businesses are looking for every opportunity to rise above the din. Something as unique and personal as a thank you note, handwritten and specific to a customer, can have a huge impact. The technology is now here to make that a reality.

To see what Simply Written can do for you, reach out with the link below for that “Personal Touch.”  

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