Handwritten Business Notes – Powerful Tools for Today’s Companies

Posted by Rory J. Thompson on Jul 7, 2016

It’s sometimes said that “Everything Old is New Again”, and that’s especially true in the business world. Now handwritten business notes – formerly a staple in the way business was conducted – are making a big comeback with surprisingly good returns.

Think for a moment about about the last time you got some real, personal mail. Maybe it was a greeting card, or a handwritten thank-you note from your favorite company or brand. Remember how it made you feel?


You went through the day’s mail in your hand: bills, ads, circulars and then suddenly: a card! Addressed to you. In cursive writing! Admit it; it was the first piece of mail you opened.

There’s a lot to be said for the handwritten note, whether it’s for business or it’s personal. But the difference is a handwritten business note can help you build brand loyalty, and bring you closer to your customers. There are some good reasons for that:

  • People are overwhelmed by the volume of electronic information they receive daily through texts and email;
  • A recent survey showed that hand-addressed envelopes were more than three times as likely to be opened by a recipient than a digitally addressed envelope;
  • Few communications are as engaging and powerful as the handwritten note;
  • Studies show that handwritten communications strengthen customer engagement with businesses.

It would seem that those who make the effort to send a personal note to a business contact – whether it’s a thank you, or just a casual “reach-out” – will benefit by a higher “open rate” – assuring their message is received -- and a better relationship in general. Corporate communications is not just sending out emails, quarterly statements and press releases: the personal touch can have a real impact.

But who has the time to send out a handwritten business note to every client they interact with? Sure, small operations can do so, but for bigger companies with hundreds or thousands of customers, it’s a real challenge. That’s where Simply Written can help.

Simply Written is a unique, business communications service that equips companies with the power to revolutionize their relationships – one handwritten communication at a time. Simply Written uses an innovative, patented technology that precisely replicates handwriting into a digital format for fast, easy, and visually appealing notes in your chosen style.

With Simply Written, you can have a prepared message – like a “Thank you for your recent purchase” note – generated, printed, signed, inserted, addressed and posted, all electronically. The beauty of it is that the “writing” is virtually indistinguishable from something you’d write yourself by hand.

The payoff can be significant: Your company reaches out personally to the client base; the client receives what is perceived to be a note written just for them. Simply Written allows you to automatically reference a specific purchase or other interaction of note that would be known only by you and that particular customer, thus elevating your status in their eyes. It’s a win for everyone.

The poet Maya Angelou is known for famously saying: “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Ponder this for a moment: What is it that makes you think more favorably about one company over another? For most, it’s how they were made to feel about a particular transaction or business dealing. If a client feels important and valued, they’ll come back for more. It’s human nature.

You can now deliver that feeling directly to your customer in a handwritten note that says “We appreciate your business.” Click below to see how Simply Written can help you elevate your profile and boost your following.


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