Business Handwriting: Why a Handwritten Note Makes a Difference

Posted by David Kindervater on Oct 4, 2018

You know the feeling you get when you receive a hand-addressed envelope in the mail? It's likely the first thing you'll open because it stands out amidst the stack of ordinary mail you get on a daily basis. The envelope is more personal and more interesting. The fact that someone put pen to paper for you captures your attention.

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7 Most Common Business Thank You Note Mistakes

Posted by Alayna Frankenberry on Jun 26, 2017

Did you know that gratitude is good for your health? In fact, studies have linked gratitude to improved physical health, stronger social relationships, more positive emotional states, higher self-esteem, and even better sleep. For business owners and brand managers, the benefits of gratitude don’t stop there. Nearly 70% of businesses have lost a customer because they felt the company was indifferent to them. The simple act of expressing thankfulness to customers can make a big difference for retention—and for profits. But to nurture leads, retain customers, and earn referrals many brands make major thank you note mistakes. Here are seven to avoid:

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What is Digital Handwriting?

Posted by Alayna Frankenberry on Feb 28, 2017

Humans have been writing for over 5,000 years. From cuneiform and hieroglyphics to medieval manuscripts, our race has a long and storied love affair with the written word. But it wasn’t until 1440 AD that Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, and in turn, the first font. We’ve come a long way since the Renaissance, but written communication isn’t done evolving. In fact, one revolutionary form of writing is changing the way millions connect—digital handwriting. But what is digital handwriting and why is it unique?

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Handwritten Business Notes – Powerful Tools for Today’s Companies

Posted by Rory J. Thompson on Jul 7, 2016

It’s sometimes said that “Everything Old is New Again”, and that’s especially true in the business world. Now handwritten business notes – formerly a staple in the way business was conducted – are making a big comeback with surprisingly good returns.

Think for a moment about about the last time you got some real, personal mail. Maybe it was a greeting card, or a handwritten thank-you note from your favorite company or brand. Remember how it made you feel?

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